Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's all about me, Part Two

People always want to know "more about the artist," so here's a little snippet about me. I ran across this photo (and no, I won't tell you when it was taken) while unpacking after my recent move and thought it offered a peek into my un-extraordinary upbringing. I was really into language arts and music during my high school years and my dad, who believed everyone must have a chosen profession (and a second set of skills to "fall back on") said he wasn't sure who would ever hire a French-speaking clarinetist.

At my school the cachet of being in the band outweighed any participation in the study of visual arts, and coupled with a total and complete lack of encouragement for budding artists this left me with a strong penchant for learning to play the E-flat clarinet and getting to know the boys in the brass section.

Fast forward to today: Painting is as essential as breathing. How did I get here? That's not as important as the fact that I paint now. Guess what - that was my "fall back" position. No one knew it but me.

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