Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Here's one of the very first watercolors I sold on Etsy. I suppose unlike traditional watercolorists my love of "smooshing" the medium around (like I do with my oil paints) helped me with these layered effects. 

These little faces (they're almost all 4" x6" pieces) have been a great exploration for me. They're not always pretty girls and they don't always smile, but they look like our emotions. 

It's all about me, Part Two

People always want to know "more about the artist," so here's a little snippet about me. I ran across this photo (and no, I won't tell you when it was taken) while unpacking after my recent move and thought it offered a peek into my un-extraordinary upbringing. I was really into language arts and music during my high school years and my dad, who believed everyone must have a chosen profession (and a second set of skills to "fall back on") said he wasn't sure who would ever hire a French-speaking clarinetist.

At my school the cachet of being in the band outweighed any participation in the study of visual arts, and coupled with a total and complete lack of encouragement for budding artists this left me with a strong penchant for learning to play the E-flat clarinet and getting to know the boys in the brass section.

Fast forward to today: Painting is as essential as breathing. How did I get here? That's not as important as the fact that I paint now. Guess what - that was my "fall back" position. No one knew it but me.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


JeanMichelle by Corinne Galla 
Here's one that was "something completely different" for me. I painted it with acrylic and watercolor on canvas. I liked using the watercolor for its see through quality, but had to seal the entire piece with a matte finish varnish to keep it safe from moisture and humidity. 

She's a well traveled girl: before finding a home in South Carolina with a buyer who's seen the painting at my show in Savannah she was part of a television promo for the Cotton Pickin Fair that was filmed in Atlanta and Columbus. 

I like this image and use it as my avatar on my Etsy Shop and on my former Twitter page.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's all about me, you know...

Title: Blue Five Ways By Corinne Galla
Occasionally the paintings I do are ones I really like - and the ones I really like aren't usually the ones which sell. (Do I have bad taste when it comes to my own artwork?) This is one I thought would go nowhere until I showed it at a fine arts festival or two and discovered it only appealed to men. Hmmm... Anyway, a very nice young man fell in love with it at the Virginia Highlands Summerfest a couple of months ago and happily carted it off to his home nearby.

Happy ending for everyone.